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What is S3 Fox Organizer(S3Fox)?
     The S3Fox Organizer(S3Fox), offers the ability to upload or download files to and from Amazon S3. The interface, which opens in a Firefox browser tab, looks much like that of FTP clients with a dual-pane layout. It displays files on your PC on the left, files on Amazon S3 on the right, and status or information in a panel on the bottom.

Main Features:
- A Front-end tool for Amazon S3 with a nifty GUI Interface.
- Upload/Download multiple files using a user friendly interface.
- Manage S3 Cloud Front Distributions
- Modifying Access Control Policies
- Synchronize Folders with local system and S3
- Drag-n-Drop Files
- Ability to create/edit and use multiple S3 accounts.
- Create time limited urls
- Works on Windows, Linux and Mac (whereever firefox works)
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- It's a slick Firefox extension and it was the only one which exactly worked the way I actually expected it to work.
- Without it, I don't know how to upload my files.
- Awesome add-on! serves my purpose just fine!
- It has saved me a ton of time.
- Simple and just like the FTP program we use for webhosting
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